Hello, my name is Denis Mysenko

and I was always crazy about IT. When I was fourteen, I started the first Bulletin Board System (BBS) in my home town in Siberia.

By sixteen I got a full-time position of a network administrator at Siberian Internet Company, and managed two global IRC servers on EFNet, including the first Russian IRC server ever (in that network).

While a student at one university, I actually taught classes in the afternoon at another university, as a Cisco Academy instructor.

As of today, I got, give or take, 19 years of professional experience.

Current engagements

I spend my days at Tixel where I'm a co-founder and a CTO, and where a bunch of us are trying to make ticket resale market better.

I try to be active in the open-source community (mostly on GitHub), I authored and I'm maintaining Geographer library.


I'm mostly interested in startups and global web projects at the moment. I sincerely believe that 2010s is the best possible moment for Internet entrepreneurs to come out and play!


Years of experience
Confidence level
FreeBSD, Linux, Docker, DevOps
Cisco, networking
JavaScript, Node.js, React
Adobe Photoshop, Premiere


May 2017


Tixel, Australia

Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder

Building a safe and cool marketplace where music fans can resell their spare tickets.

Front-end: Vue.js.
Back-end: PHP (Laravel) and Node.js (serverless).
CI/CD: TDD. Cirle CI. Docker Hub.

Aug 2016

Oct 2018

Powered Local, Australia

Chief Technical Officer

Building a better wi-fi for hospitality sector. Embracing microservices pattern and polyglot development (PHP, Ruby and JavaScript). Shipping Docker containers.

Front-end: React.js with Redux.
Back-end: PHP (Symfony and Lumen) and Ruby (Grape).
CI/CD: TDD. Travis and Circle CI. Docker Hub, Docker Cloud.

Mar 2016

Jul 2016

My Local Broker, Australia

Senior Backend Developer

Developed various backend microservices that communicate to each other via SQS/SNS and RESTful RPC.

Environment: Git, Buildkite, PHP7 (CakePHP and Laravel), PhpUnit, AWS, Scrum, Docker.

Aug 2014

Apr 2017

Menara Solutions, Australia

Lead Developer / Founder

I incorporated a company in Australia in order to test my startup ideas. Some of them included Paragraph - website translations as a service, Boogie Call - a global event aggregator with location-based search, Rapport - live video and photo streams.

Technologies used: PHP7 with PhpStorm and Laravel, Vue.js, Java + Android Studio, Objective C + Xcode, Git versioning, etc.

Oct 2010

Aug 2014

Pulse Projects, Malaysia


HR, planning and budgeting. Hired and trained local customer support executives to provide 24/5 customer support (email, chat and toll-free phones). Took care of Malay, Chinese and Indian websites of Forex4you. Internet marketing (Google AdWords and Facebook). Launched Markets4you - a WebTV in English and Malay.

From December 2012 to August 2014 led a financial startup project LigaForex, a social network of online traders.

Nov 2008

Sep 2010

Esperanza Consulting, India

Managing director

Company incorporation. HR, budgeting, planning, taxes. Hired and trained local customer support executives to provide 24/5 customer support for foreign clients (email, chat and toll-free phones). Translated the main website (Forex4you.com) into Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and German. SEO optimization (off-site + on-site). Internet marketing (Google AdWords, banners on relevant websites, etc). Built a global CDN for performance optimization (Bind9, NginX and GeoIP). Developed website monitoring system (PHP + MySQL) - NinjaMon.net. Managed a global UNIX serverfarm.

Sep 2004

Nov 2008

Technologies of Smart City, Russia


Managed a small company - a website development studio.

Nov 2001

Jul 2005

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

IT Manager

Installed and managed UNIX and Windows 2000 servers (Internet, Windows Domain and mail services). Managed Sun workstations and Sun Enterprise 250 server (NIS+, Oracle). Project management of the 3D-visualization room construction (Barco, SGI and Crestron hardware, dealing with contractors). Developed and managed web-site (PHP, MySQL). Installed and managed network equipment (3Com/Cisco). Developed and managed a database of applicants (PHP, MySQL). Internet-promotion of student recruitment. Managed video-conferencing system (Polycom hardware, ISDN access)

Jul 1999

Feb 2003

Sibintek, Russia

Systems Administrator

Installed and managed Internet, mail and Windows Domain services. Developed traffic accounting system for Nefteyugansk branch based on PHP/Mysql/Apache/Squid. Installed and managed Cisco hardware for Western Oil Company, mail services and VPN

Feb 1998

Dec 1998

Temp, Russia


Developed commercial software products (Borland Pascal). Rendered 3D clips for local TV channel "Yugansk" (Kinetix software).


Royal Institute of Technology

Stockholm, Sweden

A triple degree course taught in Madrid (Spain), Como (Italy) and Stockholm (Sweden), called "International Master in Industrial Management" and supported by the European Commission's Erasmus Mundus programme. Scholarship holder. Master thesis: "Empirical study of SPC methods through software development".

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Madrid, Spain

See "Royal Insitute of Technology"

Politecnico di Milano

Como, Italy

See "Royal Insitute of Technology"

Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk, Russia

MSc in Computer Science from one of the top technical institutions in Russia. Final grade 5 out of 5, average 4.75 out of 5. Spent one year of studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague (academic exchange).

Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk, Russia

BSc in Computer Science from one of the top technical institutions in Russia. Final grade 5 out of 5, average 4.6 out of 5. Did a summer internship at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France (wireless networking research).

School of Arts

Nefteyugansk, Russia

A diploma in fine arts.


More awards, more!

I won a City Programming competition twice and a Regional programming competition once while in the school. In 2006 I came number 10 at the Russian Table Football championship.

My GMAT is 710 (94% percentile at the moment of taking).

I got CCNA, MCP and MCSA, as well as AWS CSAA, CDA and CSOAA.



I started practising Aikido seriously (regularly) in 2009-2010 and I currently hold a rank of 1st Dan Aikikai. Aikido helps me not only to keep my joints flexible, but regain peace of mind after a busy day at work. It's a beatiful martial art and I'm not looking to stop anytime soon.


I love running, I simply cannot stop! I try to make at least 100 kilometers every month. I participated in KL Half Marathon in 2013 for the first time and nowadays I aim to run a half marathon every month. It's not just about losing weight or feeling better. Running is a form of meditation for me, while I'm running I can focus on thoughts that normally I don't have time or context for.

Scuba diving

I started scuba diving in 2012 when I worked in Malaysia. Being in Malaysia - one of the world's top destinations for scuba diving, I just couldn't miss it! I got hooked up so hard so that I already have logged more than 190 dives and hold a PADI Rescue Diver certification. Scuba diving is flying in the open space for me, jumping to another reality with different laws.


Photography used to be a big hobby of mine and I still prefer film cameras. My favorite "weapon" at the moment is a 50+ year old Asahi Pentax Spotmatic with Super-Takumar lens, always loaded with black & white film. You can check out some of my shots in my Flickr profile (see link in the footer).

Some of my favorite shots are right here:


I started DJing and promoting club events around 2002-2003. Since then, I played many serious gigs in cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Madrid, Prague, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur and others. While not a celebrity artist myself, I warmed up for many top artists and I booked many interesting musicians, to contribute to my local nightlife/music scene.

Some of my mixes are available on my official Dj page.

And here are some of my tunes:


I love traveling and discovering new cultures. Whenever I visit a new country, I study its history, values and traditions to make the most of my trip. So far I have visited just sligthly more than 60 countries and I have lived, "permanently" or temporarily in 8 countries.

Write to me - in English, Russian, Italian or Spanish